lørdag 21. desember 2013

Winter in the loft





I have tried to post something on my blog every day in december. Sometimes I have to show old pictures, if I`m not home in the middle of the day. We don`t have much light this month. But today the world is turning, so we up north can look foreward to a fantastic journey towards daylight 24/7. I get bubbles of joy in my body thinking of it!
I always dance on the 21. of december,
celebrating the return of light.
The picture is showing my father in a skijump. I loved him very much, and think much
of him at christmastime. I know he would be proud of me and all the things I have managed the last year. He always said : You can do whatevere you want Elin, and become whatever you would like to be... Words I have had in my head during 2013.

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