torsdag 30. april 2015

S P R I N G party

The weather turned around this evening. From amazing sun earlier, to snow and rain...
But I have a great time inside the house! Pretending that spring is just nice days...


tirsdag 28. april 2015

P A L M trees in my kitchen

As usual; I fall in love with things I find special?
And to have my own palm trees is fantastic...
Perfect view when daydreaming...


mandag 27. april 2015

E V E N I N G - sun

Some pictures from upstairs this evening... The sun is
flowing in before taking a nap in the ocean...
It`s so beautiful...


lørdag 25. april 2015


I`m celebrating my picture nr. 1000 on Instagram this evening.
I have asked viewers to write their IG-favourites.
I love to fint new accounts!

I will also thank all my readers of Draumesidene for stopping by.
And for all positive comments here and on FB! :)


torsdag 23. april 2015

F O R M Y G I R L ...

She`s so sweet... And deserves a room to dream in...
Sweet fifteen...

This is for you my love!


søndag 19. april 2015

S U M M E R in sight...

It`s time to change from winther-mood to summer...
Time flies...

I am determined to enjoy every minute of life, the flowers, the sound of the sea, the light ♥

So even though I have to stay in on a sunny day,
and cough all the time...

I`m looking foreward to the days, weeks and moths to come...


lørdag 18. april 2015

B O H O -bedroom

My BOHO-bedroom...

Feels great just to lay in bed, daydream and 
long to summer...

LOVE it...


fredag 17. april 2015

S U N & spring...

After a week with fever and a close realtinonship with my bed,
it feels extra great when it stops raining, the fog drifts out of my fjord, and the sun flows into the house... And when I manage to walk around without feeling I`m gonna fall... Just like magic...

I had to create something,
ofcourse. So allthough I`m coughing a lot,
and get tired out of nothing,
I managed to blog!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


tirsdag 14. april 2015

Y O U give me fever...

Second floor between the bedrooms

Some pictures of an area never shown on my blog before...
Painted yeasterday, not quite finished, but today I have stayed in bed with fever. I guess the remaining work will wait for me! 


mandag 13. april 2015

T H A N X . . .


Have a wonderful week!

søndag 12. april 2015

I T ` S A B I T lonely...

To blog in 2015 is a lonely experience.
When I started i 2009, the idèa was to create a creative network.
To be in contact with others, to get out of my bubble.

These days blogging means something quite different.
I share my pictures, without expecting comments back. It`s OK.
But sometimes it feels meaningless? You have no idea if your readers like what they see?
Instagram is the new way. And I see it is less complicated. Not all the words, and fixing the pictures from your phone. Maybe it`s time to give up blogging? 

Thank`s to the few of you still posting a comment!
You make a difference for me, I have to admit.

You find me on instagram as DRAUMESIDENE


torsdag 9. april 2015

D R A U M E F A N G A R à la Draumesidene D I Y dreamcatcher

D I Y - dreamcatcher

Since my blogs name is The Dreampages, it`s good to
finally have made an item like this!


søndag 5. april 2015

onsdag 1. april 2015

L I V I N G R O O M second floor

We have grey weather today, It`s snowing? Typically April-weather
in the west-coast of Norway. Suddenly the sun breaks through, and the white have to give up...

I`m inside painting, trying to finish some of my projects.


P Å S K E E A S T E R E N J O Y !