onsdag 5. februar 2014

Flying high - again!


Mefjellet, Fjørå 1100 moh
The last weeks I have been hiking in the mountains again. We have had dry weather in the nord-west of Norway, and OK temperatures. I have been able to walk a lot, and my body is starting to get better. Yesterday I was on a top, 1100 m above the fjord. I guess you all can imagine it gives me a lot of energy? A lot of pain too, but I chose to think that it will make me stronger in the future? I just need to focus hard, think positive and smile!
And by the way; I will show interiorpictures again!
My focus has been elsewhere the last moths.
But I`ll be back!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Det så herlig ut. Så glad du kom til topps! Ha en finfin dag videre. :)

  2. Wow, for en utsikt! Det må ha vært litt av en tur:) tøff du er, og godt at du tenker positivt selv om du blir sliten:) ønsker deg en fin dag!

  3. Hi Elin,
    what a beautiful and inspired blog! Don't want to loose you again. So I'm follower No 1188.
    Best wishes out of a snowy Austria.
    Have fun

  4. For en fantastisk plass altså!

    Ha en riktig fin helg, Elin!

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